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A full Card File is composed of thirty cards, but five of those cards will be used as Soul Cards. These are the five cards that appear on the duel screen to the left side, just above your Avatar. Yours are face up, and your rivals – which appear below his Avatar – are face down at the beginning of the match.

The cards in the Soul row are all considered Soul Cards. The only two things that come into play for a Soul Card is LP and the Soul Skill.

Life Points[]

Each Soul Card has 1, 2 or 3 LP. Your total number of LP as an Iczer is equal to the LP of all your Soul Cards added together, + 1 for your Avatar. This means whenever you take LP damage, your Soul Cards get it first. Once all your Soul Cards’ LP is depleted, your Avatar is left all by himself with 1 LP remaining. Once that’s gone, the duel is over and you lose.

Soul Skills[]

Soul Cards are hit from left to right. If your first Soul Card has 2 LP, that means the first time you take damage directly, that Soul Card’s LP will go to 1/2. You can see the remaining LP of a Soul Card by mousing over it. If you get hit again, that first Soul Card’s LP will drop to 0/2. Once a Soul Card reaches 0 LP remaining, it flips over and its Soul Skill is triggered, kind of like a trap. Then that card will darken, and the next time you take direct damage, you will lose 1 LP from the next Soul Card in line. This will continue until you are out of Soul Cards.

The Power of Souls[]

The more LP you have, the harder it is to defeat you. However, LP 1 Soul Cards have very strong Soul Skills. Sometimes, even one LP 1 Soul Card at the right time can win or lose a game. LP 2 Soul Cards have minor Soul Skills, while LP 3 Soul Cards have Soul Skills that penalize you in some minor way.

Basic Strategy[]

A good rule is to start with 8 or 9 LP, and then modify that number as you gain experience to match your strategy. Lower LP tends to make games go faster, you hit hard but you might lose if you don’t overwhelm the enemy. Remember, Soul Skills give you an advantage that usually costs 0 SP, that makes them very valuable in the early game, when SP is scarce. High LP makes games go slower, you’re more likely to have time to bring out big units. It’s common to put 1 LP cards in your first three soul slots, so you can get an early advantage, then a 2 LP card, and finally a 3 LP card. Putting a 3 LP card at the end is useful because in the end game, surviving one more turn can make a big difference. A final 3 LP card is usually called an "anchor card".

Editing Soul Skills[]

You edit your Soul Skills the same way you edit any other cards in your Card File. Click on FILE from either the Game Home screen in the Game Tab, or mouse over the Hexagonal menu and select FILE.

Once the File editor has loaded, select Edit File, click on the one you want to edit, and hit Okay. Now, your card file will appear on the right side of the screen. You’ll see your 5 current soul cards at the top, with the 25 cards that makes up your playing set below them. Remember, even though your Soul Cards activate right to left on the dueling screen, here they are in order from left to right along the top. In other words, whatever one is furthest left will go first, and whatever is furthest right will go last. From here you can switch out your Soul Cards.


Cards are either acting as playing set cards, or as Soul Cards. This is decided when you are editing your Card File, choosing whether or not to put them along the top in the Soul row, or below in the playing set. Once you are in a duel, you cannot change your mind. You will be unable to put the five cards designated as Soul Cards directly into battle, and you will also be unable to access the Soul Skills of cards in your play set. Grimoire Cards have no LP value, and they cannot be used as Soul Cards.