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Solar Prince / Verlaat
Solar Prince / Verlaat
Illustrator Kazuno Yuikawa


25 2
25 0 4 1
Card type Character
Solar Kingdom / Royalty
Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆
Refess.jpg 'We fight for the peace of the world!'

The most renowned leader in the history of the Solar Kingdom. A pure boy who wished to bring peace to the world, he was said to radiate light and have the divine protection of the sun. When fate turned against him, he became known as the Fallen Sun.

Affiliation: Solar Kingdom
Occupation: Royalty
Sword fighting style: Riza Ryukenjutsu & the Solar Kingdom School of Military Tactics
Hobbies: horseback riding; the violin (His violin skills are of a level high enough to astonish palace musicians.)
First in line to succeed the Solar Kingdom's throne. His essentially good nature and fair features garner him a high level of support from the people (especially women). According to Miss Safiria, in charge of his policies and domestic affairs, "His female-friendly appearance and air of naivety should be thoroughly utilized." More surprisingly, his ability with the sword is very good, such that it's said it's hard to find swordsmen in the kingdom who are better than him, (the likes of Lion Baron Zagar, Saber Saint - and leader of the Shrine Knights - Lapierre, and Knight of Luminance Ernst are in a class all their own). He respects Alphonce, his elder brother from a different mother, and his slight tendency towards a brother complex is famous throughout the royal palace. Also, rumor-mongering maidservants have even start whispering that he has a sister complex, based on the affection between him and his younger sister Aliria.


Purifying Sun SP 0 Skill soul.gif

Return two random cards from your Cemetery to your Card File. You get SP+1.
Protection of the Sun SP 0 Skill start.gif

Change battle time to morning.
Solar Blade Claevolg SP 1 Skill action.gif

One friendly unit gets [HP + 50% of target's MAX HP].
Revival SP 0 Skill text.gif

This unit uses 0 [SP] when reviving during [Set Phase: Revive].