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Saber Saint / Lapierre
Saber Saint / Lapierre
Illustrator Takehito Aoi


35 2
25 0 4 3
Card type Character
Solar Kingdom / Captain
Rarity ☆☆☆
Refess.jpg 'Unknown...'

Affiliation: Solar Kingdom Shrine Knights
Occupation: Shrine Knight Captain
Hobbies: drinking; justice
Number of men she's dated: 2
A swordswoman and the leader of the Folrart Shrine Knights, referred to by people as the Saber Saint. She has a habit of completely abandoning her professional duties to go on Walkabout (a term coined by her colleagues and subordinates. She herself claims that she's patrolling for the peace and order of the Solar Kingdom.) She also loves drinking (apparently any drink will do, so long as it contains alcohol), and can drink anyone under the table. Rumor has it she's the strongest drinker in all the Solar Kingdom's military. She has a stirring personality that is rarely seen amongst clergy. but because she doesn't come across as a hypocrite, she's very popular with the people. There are many who were inspired by her to take the Shrine Knight admittance test, or to enter the military academy. It's a daily occurrence that men approach her or profess their love, but because she refuses, nearly all of them end up wasting their efforts. Her given reason is that it would be boring to just be with one man.


Miracle of the Light Sword SP 0 Skill soul.gif

Do [damage: 50] to one enemy unit.
Lantylit SP 2 Skill action.gif

Do [damage: AT+10] to a random row of enemies.