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Revival of the Dragon Emperors
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Revival of the Dragon Emperors Card Gallery[]

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Refess Card Gallery[]


HolyEmperorRetear.png KnightofLuminanceErnst.png JudgeofHereticsBardia.png RealmGuardianMayleen.png TimeReaderLavende.png
Holy Emperor / Retear Knight of Luminance / Ernst Judge of Heretics / Bardia Realm Guardian / Mayleen Time Reader / Lavende

FountainKnightElneith.png Blessing.png JudgementHammer.png FolrartShrineKnight.png LycanthropeSeraph.png
Fountain Knight / Elneith Blessing Judgement Hammer Folrart Shrine Knight Lycanthrope [Seraph]

HolyDragon.png PriestessoftheHolyWeapon.png AmethystCarbuncle.png Coatl.png BurningSun.png
Holy Dragon Priestess of the Holy Weapon Amethyst Carbuncle Coatl Burning Sun

PriestoftheHolyWord.png LycanthropeAngel.png InquisitionRaidLeader.png Griffin.png FolrartSpearKnight.png
Priest of the Holy Word Lycanthrope [Angel] Inquisition Raid Leader Griffin Folrart Spear Knight

FolrartSpikedShieldKnight.png ArmedCitizens.png LegendaryUnicorn.png MagicBolt.png RecoveryPowder.png
Folrart Spiked Shield Knight Armed Citizens Legendary Unicorn Magic Bolt Recovery Powder

Lawtia Card Gallery[]


DarkEmperorZujyuva.png TheSolarEclipseAlphonce.png BlackDragonriderMillia.png SoulKeeperPhimilliar.png ChaosOgreDalos.png
Dark Emperor / Zu-jyuva The Solar Eclipse / Alphonce Black Dragonrider / Millia Soul Keeper / Phimilliar Chaos Ogre / Dalos

BrokenIronSoldierXXXX.png Sacrifice.png PureTerror.png MagicDollMelee.png LycanthropeScylla.png
Broken Iron Soldier / XXXX Sacrifice Pure Terror Magic Doll -Melee- Lycanthrope [Scylla]

AncientZombieLord.png DragonoftheMercurialNight.png MagicDollSupport.png LycanthropeFenrir.png Corruption.png
Ancient Zombie Lord Dragon of the Mercurial Night Magic Doll -Support- Lycanthrope [Fenrir] Corruption

LycanthropeLegion.png CutteroftheCord.png SkeletonWarrior.png CrestMindsoldier.png ElderDruid.png
Lycanthrope [Legion] Cutter of the Cord Skeleton Warrior Crest Mindsoldier Elder Druid

Ghost.png BlackHound.png Succubus.png LifeConversion.png SoulPact.png
Ghost Black Hound Succubus Life Conversion Soul Pact

Gowen Card Gallery[]


FlameEmperorAllind.png TheCrusherExtension.png FireStormBander.png GunnerGirlYuni.png GodLanceEstoma.png
Flame Emperor / Allind The Crusher / Extension Fire Storm / Bander Gunner Girl / Yuni God Lance / Estoma

SteelBladesmanBazgar.png FairyDance.png Ignition.png FireDragon.png EarthDragon.png
Steel Bladesman / Bazgar Fairy Dance Ignition Fire Dragon Earth Dragon

MonkoftheSingleStrike.png VolcanoGiant.png SalamanderSoldier.png DryadSoldier.png RapidGrowth.png
Monk of the Single Strike Volcano Giant Salamander Soldier Dryad Soldier Rapid Growth

LethalArcher.png HighlandbornHunter.png UnwillingHero.png DragonscaleSwordWarrior.png Gladiator.png
Lethal Archer Highland-born Hunter Unwilling Hero Dragonscale Sword Warrior Gladiator

GiantOrk.png RiflemanKnight.png DevouringLizard.png Petrification.png GravitationalSphere.png
Giant Ork Rifleman Knight Devouring Lizard Petrification Gravitational Sphere

Falkow Card Gallery[]


WaterEmperorLegrye.png GuardLeaderRenally.png MagePaladinDistrier.png SwanSwordswomanAlna.png PirateKingDubRido.png
Water Emperor / Legrye Guard Leader / Renally Mage Paladin / Distrier Swan Swordswoman / Alna Pirate King / Dub Rido

WindSorceressFemiel.png WrathoftheConstellations.png ShearWinds.png AzureBeastmaster.png WizardSoldierofRegus.png
Wind Sorceress / Femiel Wrath of the Constellations Shear Winds Azure Beastmaster Wizard Soldier of Regus

WaterDragon.png SylphSorceress.png UndineSoldier.png OwlSage.png Thunderheads.png
Water Dragon Sylph Sorceress Undine Soldier Owl Sage Thunderheads

SilvernWing.png WizardArcherofRegus.png Roc.png SwallowScout.png WizardSoldierApprentice.png
Silvern Wing Wizard Archer of Regus Roc Swallow Scout Wizard Soldier Apprentice

Enchanter.png RapidlyFlyingApprentice.png SeaClaw.png InvisibilityEdge.png MeaningofFailure.png
Enchanter Rapidly Flying Apprentice Sea Claw Invisibility Edge Meaning of Failure

Revival of the Dragon Emperors
Overview | Card List | Refess Card List | Lawtia Card List | Gowen Card List | Falkow Card List | Card Art Gallery