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Realm Guardian / Mayleen
Realm Guardian / Mayleen
Illustrator Takehito Aoi


30 1
10 0 4 1
Card type Character
Solar Kingdom / Priest
Rarity ☆☆☆☆
Refess.jpg 'Unknown... '

Affiliation: Solar Kingdom
Family: Father; mother; older brother
Someone she respects: her brother
Animals she dislikes: all reptiles (especially snakes)
A member of the family that has protected the Holy Realm since it's founding. The Holy Realm is a place where it is said to be possible to commune with the god that watches over the Solar Kingdom. She appears to have had a high society upbringing, but she had a tomboy period that was so bad that she and her childhood friend Lapierre were known as the terrors of the Convent. Now she has a polite demeanor in order to uphold her duty and the relations with those around her, but when she's mad, her foul mouth apparently defies description. Also, she's very bad with reptiles and can't even approach them. Her close friend Lapierre says "If you tease her with a snake, there's no telling what kind of frightening thing is going to happen to you in return." so it must make her considerably angry.


The Holy Realm Descends SP 0 Skill soul.gif

Both Iczers get SP+4.
Sanctuary SP 1 Skill action.gif

One friendly unit fully recovers its HP.
Ward Against Evil SP 1 Skill action.gif

One enemy unit gets AT=0 for this turn.