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Range denotes the reach of a fighting card.

Example One

|___| |_R_| |___|
|_O_| |___| |___| << Enemy Field
|___| |___| |_M_|

|_V_| |___| |___|
|___| |_X_| |___| << Your Field
|___| |___| |___|

We assume that Card X has a range of 3, there are two enemy cards that Card x can attack, Enemy Card M and Enemy Card O. Card V also has a range of 3, in it's current position it can attack any card on the enemy field. If Card V had a range higher than 3, it could still attack any enemy.

Enemy Card O only has a range of 2. It will only be able to attack Card V only, as Enemy Card M stands in front of it.

Example Two

|___| |_R_| |___|
|___| |___| |_M_| <<Enemy Field
|___| |___| |___|

|___| |___| |___|
|___| |___| |___| <<Your Field
|___| |_U_| |___|

All cards have a range of 1.

Because no friendly cards are obstructing the reach of CARD U, it is able to attack Enemy Card M. Enemy Card R is unable to attack Card U because its range cannot surpass one row.

Ability of range is determined by the number of occupied rows on a field.