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Lion Baron / Zagar
Lion Baron / Zagar
Illustrator Atsushi Kawasaki


50 2
20 10 2 1
Card type Character
Solar Kingdom / General
Rarity ☆☆☆
Refess.jpg 'My prince will lead the world to peace! That's why I fight on!'

The military leader of the Solar Kingdom of Folrart. Folrart is ruled by Solar Prince Verlaat, and opposes the armies of the Envoy of Chaos, Elgandi. Lion Baron is not a royal rank, but a nickname earned by fighting ferociously from behind his signature mask. He never lets up agsainst the forces of chaos, believing Prince Verlaat will unify the world.

It has been two weeks since we have left the warmth of Folrart's winter hearths. This is my first campaign under the esteemed Lion Baran Zagar, and I have been most studious in managing the logistics and movements of his troops. We reached the hills of Baltemet one full day ahead of schedule thanks to my efforts.
When my lady Ermitage granted me this post, she indicated it would be a challenge, but I've found the General and his Captains most agreeable. They even invited me to their dinning tent this evening, and there they acted more like brothers then soldiers. I'm afraid I was out of place in that boisterous crowd.
This evening was the first time I reported to the General after dinner, and I was surprised to find him in full armor. Surprisingly, I've been with the troop half a moon's cycle and never seen the leader's face.
"Sir, based on the size of the troop I can only make one conclusion," I reported. "Lady Ermitage's messages confirm it, as well. Our enemy is the strongest of the Duchy's armies, led by General Dical himself."
-- Journal of M.R. Kae, Logistics Officer, Solar Kingdom of Folrart, 1 of 4

I woke to a distressing surprise this morning, the day had not been called but it was already long after dawn! Last night General Zagar had agreed camp would be broken early so our army could intercept General Dical's forces in time.
I hurried to the center of camp and found all the men gathered. There was a second of the Solar Kingdom's armies there, and the two troops were facing off. I quickly found my way to the General's side.
A slender warrior emerged from the opposing troop on horseback and raised his blade in challenge. I recognized him as Sir Ernst, a Knight Captain of the Solar Kingdom.
"Lion Baron Zagar, did you not take my seat at the Chapel of Folrart two weeks past on the morning of our deployment?" He said.
"Sorry," answered General Zagar with a laugh. "I was under the weather, and my pew is always drafty."
"Then as a knight of Folrart, I issue my challenge!" Ernst was some distance away, but I'm certain he had a smile on his face. There was some joke between him and General Zagar, and I did not appreciate being left out.
-- Journal of M.R. Kae, Logistics Officer, Solar Kingdom of Folrart, 2 of 4

It was my task to ensure our forces would intercept General Dical in time. Unfortunately, our leader, Gerneral Zargar, had been challenged to a duel by Sir Ernst.
"Sir, we are short on time." I said. "You must refuse. For such a trivial thing, there would be no loss of honor."
"As a knight of Folrart, he has the right to issue such a challenge. Just the same, you can't deny my right to accept!" With that General Zagar leapt up, even in full armor, and was astride his horse in an instant.
He was arguing logistics, with me of all people! And in Ernst's favor! As General Zagar rode out, I realized why Lady Ermitage warned me about him.
"We haven't crossed swords since the Academy, isn't that right, Lion Baron?" Ernst talked casually as he circled his horse closer.
General Zagar lurched his horse forward and swung, but Ernst kept out of reach and responded with a blinding attack. He lunged with the aid of his horses strength, but the General blocked with his pauldron. Any man would've been knocked off his horse, But General Zagar didn't even flinch.
-- Journal of M.R. Kae, Logistics Officer, Solar Kingdom of Folrart, 3 of 4

The young men cheered as Sir Ernst en General Zagar jousted up and down the field. Ernst fended off General Zagar's power with a fencing blade while the General carefully avoided his quick lunges. Even in the morning light, I could see sparks shooting from their blades. First one hour past, then two. Their horses were exhausted.
"Sirs, please hold!" I called out. "We must march to intercept General Dical!" I was desperate, even interrupting a challenge between knights.
But then a scout ran up, exhausted. He dropped to one knee.
"My general, another army is to Southeast, not a 30 minute march! They are like monsters, and they outnumber us four to one!"
"Impossible." I said to the messenger. "Which crest General is in command?"
"No General, Sir. A noblewoman leads them." I realized then it must be the confidant of the royal family, Annarose.
To my surprise, Sir Ernst and General Zagar looked as if they expected this.
"Fresh horses!" Shouted General Zagar, Ernst at his right hand. "Today we ride in battle, outnumbered four to one! For the Solar Kingdom!"


Lion's Claw SP 0 Skill soul.gif

Give AT+20 to all friendly units.
Might of the Lion SP 0 Skill auto.gif

This unit gets [AT + number of enemy units x 10] for this turn.
Slash SP 2 Skill action.gif

Do [damage: AT] to a random row of enemy units within range.