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[note all pictures were taken before the file was finished, the finished file is very close these screenshots]

Fully translated and redesigned SP Calculator. Useful if you want to plan, or if you were lucky enough to get a physical Alteil pack and your internet is down. Download is in the links section


Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice [1]


Alteil cards [physical] yes they exist

User Guide:


This black box shows your SP at the beginning of a turn. No editing is needed for this box.


This shows the SP in three ways

The first row just shows the amount of SP in each sphere from previous turns. No editing is needed for this box

The green row, 'Spend', shows the amount of SP that will be put into a sphere. Add the number of SP you need in these boxes.

The red row, 'Set', is the amount of SP that you spent putting a card into play. Add the level of the card here. For those who want to test the efficiency of a multicolored deck, the 'set' boxes from the original japanese file have been left in.


The blue 'use' box is for when you use a ability that spends SP.

The 'gain' box is for when you gain SP from a effect.

The 'lost' box is for SP lost due to a effect.

The reason both 'use' and 'lost' is the same color in the redesign is because they are both caused by card effects.

Total end.PNG

'Total SP Spent' just tells the amount of SP the turn has used

'End Of Turn' shows the remaining SP you have, plus any additions/subtractions to the SP during the course of the turn

translation and redesign by Rad!oZonde 10:25, 15 August 2008 (UTC)

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