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Elite Crest Knight


Elite Crest Knights are Knights loyal to the Duchy of Crest.


"Fight! Destroy! Show no mercy!"

A member of the Knights Elite, composed only of Crest's top soldiers. These knights carry out any order issued by the duchy without question.

Card Stats

Base Stats

  • Card Type: Duchy of Crest/Knight
  • Level: 04
  • LP: 02
  • HP: 50
  • ATK: 30
  • DEF: 10
  • AGI: 03
  • RNG: 01


Skill soul.gif

Moon of Madness (SP:0)

Do 30 Damage to target Enemy unit. Friendly units get +1 AGI for this turn.

Skill action.gif

Penetrate (SP:1)

Subtract ATK directly from HP of a random enemy unit within range.

Skill start.gif

Combat Support Lv2 (SP:0)

The units on the left and right of this unit gain +10 ATK this turn.

Card Pack Availability

This card is available to get via one of the following methods:

  • Card Lottery
  • Basic Booster (Set 1)
  • Basic Box (Set 1)


This card is a Female Card.