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See also Soul Cards.

Generally, all the cards in Alteil Online can be divided into three types: Units, Characters and Grimoires.


Unit cards

These are the main cards used in the game, these are the cards you put on the field in order to carry out combat and other actions.

Character cards

These act like units, but they have special abilities that Unit Cards lack. In return for their power, there are restrictions. Only one copy of a Character can be out on either player's field at any one time. This includes closed copies, so be careful!

Grimoire cards

These work like simple magic cards. They take effect the moment they are put into play, and then they are discarded from the game. They never go out into the field.


Each card's statistics is made up of a number of parameters that work similar to the stats in other RPG games.

Spheres of Influence[]

Literally, this is the Sphere image you see in the lower left of the card art. Yellow denotes Refess, purple denotes Lawtia, Red denotes Gowen, and blue denotes Falkow.


There are also times, depending on the card, when special abilities called Skills come into play. It is also possible for cards to have multiple skills.

Open skill

Activates the moment a card is first revealed to the opponent. A Grimoire is a card with an Open Skill that automatically discards itself after the skill goes off. Units can also have Open Skills, but after they go off they can be put into play as normal.

Start skills

Activates at the beginning of the Action Phase, before any actions are taken. Start Skills activate in order of AGI.

Rank Up skills

These skills are generally only available to Gowen Units. If your Gowen Sphere level increases to match or exceed the level requirement for a Unit's Rank Up, that Unit will get an enhancement to their offensive or defensive abilities.

Auto skills

Activates automatically when it is the Unit's turn to act, right before when the Action Menu pops up.

Action skills

These represent actions the Unit can take other than the standard Attack, Standby and Move. If it is possible for an Action Skill to be activated, it will appear as a choice on the Action Menu. If you do not have enough SP or our lacking a Rank Up or some other requirement, it will not appear at all.

Counter skills

Activates whenever HP is lost, but remains above zero.

Close skills

Activates whenever HP is lost, and hits zero or below.


These are Unique rules that don't fit in any other category. They are always in effect. They are listed under "Traits" in the Card List, but in game they have no tag but just appear as explanatory text on the card.

Soul skills

Has the potential to activate only when the card is used as a Soul Card. See the Soul Card section below.