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Light Spearwoman

For my first installment of Card of the Week, I had really been hoping to do Will o’ the Wisp. However, due to some last minute game re-balancing, I decided against it. This week’s pick has everything I look for in a unit card. Simple, one might even say humble, effective, versatile, inexpensive to use, and as a bonus she looks nothing like a Marvel super heroine whose name rhymes with Matlock.

This week’s card is Light Spearwoman. Surprised? She’s not very flashy, but she’s a level three mid-range archer with solid numbers. AGI 2 is my only disappointment, but you can’t have everything and sadly it’s about average for the Refess starter.

First, let’s take a look at her Action Skill, a ranged 45 damage plus DF penetration for 1 SP. Now put her next to Boy Combat Priest and set off Brutal Inquisitor’s Soul Skill. Can you say 65 damage plus DF penetration? I bet there’s a Sea Hunter having nightmares about that right now. For 1 SP, this is some serious punch. Defense penetration is a must for taking out Falkow Card Files, and the damage bonus will play hell with Lawtia units, since they tend to have lower HP. Gowen units are pretty much defense free and have plenty of HP, so her special attack is less useful against them.

Offense is nice, but where Light Spearwoman really shines is survivability. She’s a fully functional archer, so she’s likely to be in the second or third row. Just like it would any archer, this makes her much less likely to be attacked. Why? Simple math. If you have an occupied front row with X units in it, and Light Spearwoman in the second row, the chance of her being hit by an enemy with sufficient range is 1 in 1+X. If he doesn’t have sufficient range, chances are 0. If the enemy wants to attack someone in the front row, he can just use a unit with a RNG of 1, and he has a 100% chance of hitting the front row. If he wants to attack someone in the second row, he will still have X in 1+X of hitting the front row! Therefore, like all archers she will be attacked much less often then other units.

What’s important about this for Light Spearwoman is that she has an impressive 45 HP. It’s highly unlikely that she’ll be taken out in one hit by an enemy archer, since the only one in the Basic Set that can easily do that much damage is… Light Spearwoman herself. Combine this with the fact she doesn’t get hit very often and three copies of her, and you’ll find that she’s an early-mid card that will survive into the end game with no difficulty. You even might have time to heal her in between the moments when your enemy actually lands hits.

When it comes to versatility, you can’t go wrong with her. Since her survivability is good, she’s a candidate for taking the risk and putting out multiple copies. If your enemy doesn’t have any good area effects, You’ll find that multiple Light Spearwoman units can turn almost any enemy force into Swiss Cheese. Another alternate use for her is the front line. Sure, her defense pales in comparison to most other Refess front line fighters, but in emergencies, you could do a lot worse. Her HP isn’t much less than most Lawtia or Falkow front line level 3’s, and her damage is better if you’ve got the SP to spare.

Next time, I promise a card with a lot more flash and huge, crushing numbers… and possibly American flag MC Hammer pants, as well. However, I’m not sure if “Card of the Week” will truly be a weekly feature until the game goes live, so bare with me.

Note: This is Logress post from the website. The original post can be found here.