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It’s time for Refess at Card of the Week, and I wanted to do something from Set 3 this time. Luckily, Set 3 is jam packed with good Refess cards. Usually I try to do something that’s not too rare but also not already overused, although that might be hard since a lot of users were starved for new interesting Refess cards and they’ve all seen a lot of action. I do have to write several pages about this card, however, so I refuse to feature a one-trick pony. Even if it’s a pony…

That’s right, this week we’re going to tackle Pegasus, a level 3 rarity 1 ranged unit with a bunch of interesting skills. First let’s take a crack at the stats. 40 HP is nothing fantastic for a Refess unit, but considering it has some range its survivability is pretty good. 30 AT is the magic number, and any level 3 Refess unit sporting it out of the box is worth note. Same with the AGI 3, no complaints there. Still, there is nothing remarkable about these statistics. In practice however, Pegasus is extremely efficient both offensively and defensively. But this is Set 3, and that means we’re here for the special abilities, so let’s get down to business. Winged Charge is the obvious heavy hitter here, a permanent +20 bonus to all Falkow Units. This is of course great with a combo Falkow Refess File, and thanks to several other cards that work well cross color, this can make a very powerful setup. Still, unless you’re heavy Falkow or have the Falkow Proxy sitting on the field from your opening, chances are this ability isn’t going to turn the tables. It’s more like a fun extra.

Mounted Combat is where it’s at. Refess has plenty of great tanks, including the now somewhat legendary Folrart Guardian. Put a tank in front of the Pegasus, and its survivability skyrockets. As an added bonus, since the Pegasus buff is a Start Skill, DF debuffs will barely slow you down. As we’ve learned countless times in Alteil, permanent fixed bonuses are inferior to bonuses that can be replenished or re-assigned, and Mounted Combat is both. If your tank dies, summon a new one or Move an old one into the space right in front of Pegasus and consider your losses cut. Remember that Mounted Combat has a secondary effect, one that will give +10 AT to the unit behind him. I call it a secondary effect because this is Refess we’re talking about. You’ll have tanks in your front row ready to receive the DF bonus long before you get Pegasus on the field. However, you probably won’t add a second ranged attacker until later, so you may or may not get to take advantage of this bonus. Still, it can be a help to support units with Auto Skills who still get to attack, like Abel. It’s also a huge boon to Rapid Shot Magic Archer, who can make double use of any damage bonus. Thanks to the generally high HP of your front line, and the decent HP of your Pegasus, you’ll find your third row archer to be pretty long-lived. And again, should the enemy exterminate her with extreme prejudice, you can always summon or Move another unit directly behind your Pegasus.

Before we wrap this up, lets take a quick peek at the soul skill, Shadow of Wings. As long as you have a Refess unit on the field (Healing Preist?) then all your Lawtia units get AT+30. A unit buff on an LP 1 card is nothing great, but +30 is the highest all friendly Soul Card bonus in the game, so it might be worth it for some Files. In short, Pegasus is a mid-range unit with efficient stats that combos well with nearly every Refess unit, giving bonuses where and when they count the most. He’s not too flashy (except when used with a Falkow File) but he adds inexpensive power and survivability to any Refess File.

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