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Black Cat / Fellana
Black Cat / Fellana
Illustrator Takanashi Karita


30 2
10 0 4 2
Card type Character
Wizard Kingdom / Archmage
Rarity ☆☆☆☆
Falkow.jpg 'Unknown...'

Affiliation: Wizard Kingdom
Occupation: Master Spellcaster
Research focus: The principle of causality
Outstanding trait: Severe bad luck
A master level witch of the Wizard Kingdom who focuses her research on the principle of causality. Her appearance and tendency towards bad luck have earned her the nickname of Black Cat from those around her. She experiences bad luck from all across the spectrum, such as horses running of when she rides a carriage, winning a raffle but not having the ticket with her, a hot item selling out just before she gets to it, or a chair collapsing when she sits in it. However, she looks at life optimistically, and she makes a daily effort to investigate causality, believing that it will allow her to unravel the secret of her bad luck. But naturally, her research doesn't progress very fast, as bad luck visits her then too.


Black Cat Crossing SP.png 0 Skill soul.gif

Target unit gets MAX HP=30, HP=30, AT=30, DF=0, AGI=2, and RNG=2.
Bad Luck Woman SP.png 0 Skill auto.gif

Send a random Grimoire Card from your Card File to the Cemetery.
Grimoire Bane SP.png 0 Skill action.gif

Do [damage: AT] to a random enemy unit within range. Select a random Grimoire Card from rival Iczer and send it to the Cemetery.


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