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Azure Dragon - East / Vordore
Azure Dragon - East / Vordore
Illustrator Sumeragi Natsuki


40 2
20 10 3 2
Card type Character
Wizard Kingdom / Strategist
Rarity ☆☆☆
Falkow.jpg 'Unknown...'

I have been absorbing everything General Vordore does, by order of my mistress. His attitude is that of a court fool, condescending and unconcerned. The rumors of him being a genius strategist are just that, rumors. I bet they were spread by the Six Paladins of Regus to cover up the embarrassing nature of this General.
I've even heard that the highest court of the Wizard Kingdom is like the Tree of Wisdom, and Vordore is one of the Branches of this tree. If it's propaganda they want, they should ask my mistress for lessons.
One strange thing about General Vordore is his eyes look very clear to me, even as he is joking. And sometimes he slips into a kind of trance, where they burn with a concentrated fire for just a few moments. I wonder what he is thinking about at those times?
I will learn soon enough. General Vordore has invited several of the best new recruits to his tent this evening, including myself. This will be the perfect opportunity. I'll message you with what I've learned by the end of the week.
-- A letter found in a private collection of memorabilia from the War of the Sun and Moon, belonging to General Vordore, the Azure Dragon of the East. Part 2 of 2


Flash of the Heavens SP 0 Skill soul.gif

Give AT+20 to all friendly units.
Strategist's Plan SP 0 Skill auto.gif

One enemy unit in [area: 7-8-9] gets RNG=0 for this turn.
The Azure Dragon's Tactic SP 1 Skill action.gif

Give [AT + number of friendly units x 10] and DF+5 to all friendly units for this turn.