Alteil Wiki

Alteil is a turn-based tactical battleground game in a collectible card game format. Alteil has no downloads, and no clients, and is 100 percent web-driven.

Alteil's rich game universe currently includes over 1,000 cards and counting. The beautifully illustrated cards represent battle units, each with their own hit points, attack power, armor, range, and speed. They can move, attack, and even use spells and special abilities to defeat opponents.

Free to play[]

When you sign up for an account (which is always free), you are given a free customizable starter set of your choice that is yours to keep forever. This starter set is fully playable the moment you receive it. Of course, you may also buy additional cards, for as little as 10 cents each. But if you don't, you are not limited in any way. You can still play on any server or arena you wish, as well as engage in tournaments and special events. Your free cards rest in your library with any cards you may have purchased. There is no distinction between them.


  • Full access to the entire deck - no randomly pulled hands
  • Range mechanics on a grid - rewards formation tactics with defensive units blocking for archers and support
  • Health - starting with low life points means extra power to drive a fast and furious attack; go for the quick win, or bide time behind a wall of health to execute a slick combo
  • Revive a defeated card by spending a fresh copy from the deck. Bring units back to continue the fight.

Spheres of Influence[]

Cards are divided into the following spheres of influence:

Refess.png Refess is the Sphere of light and healing. It features high HP units with good defense that can buff one another, but they tend to be slow.

Lawtia.png Lawtia is the Sphere of darkness and sacrifice. It features Spell Point draining, bonuses at night, and a few extremely powerful units that require careful timing to use.

Gowen.png Gowen is the Sphere of Fire and Nature. It features early field control with powerful inexpensive units, and the best direct damage spells of the four Spheres.

Falkow.png Falkow is the Sphere of Wind and Water. It features agility manipulation, crafty combos, and the strongest non-damaging special abilities and spells.


The first thing you'll see when you go to the Arena is a list of dueling arenas, or servers.

Training Arena

Battle records will not be saved in this arena. For learning and trying out new cards. If you want to duel your friend, you have to select the Training Arena and create a Duel Room for you friend to join you.

Single Player Arena

This is another Training Arena, except you can duel computer controlled opponents.

Named Servers

Here you can win new cards and gain Experience and Fight money. If you select one only open to levels 1-3 or 1-14, you will be safe from encountering high level opponents. You will be paired randomly with opponents in these arenas.